Monday, March 25, 2013

Here's What We're Up To!

Can I get a woot, woot for a 4 day week!?! 
I am super excited to start my 2 WEEK Spring Break on Friday!
But, before that can happen we have to get through the next few is how we are getting through...
A little ABC order~ bunny style! (sorry for the icky glare)

How about a little word building fun in the magnet center?
Below is the recording sheet that they will complete after making all the words. They were stoked about getting to use the highlighters!

Do your kids love labeling? Mine LOOOOVVEEE labeling! I always have a labeling center for them because they are super engaged & QUIET here!

Getting those fine motor muscles worked out with these torn paper Easter eggs. So fun & simple to prepare!

This was a freebie on my blog yesterday & my kids rocked it today! We watched the Harry's Kindergarten counting by 5's video first.
Too cute~ we just had to make them into hats!

A fun little Easter reader...

Fun in science learning about plants!

Okay~ that's some of the fun that we are having! 
I got some of these centers from Kreative in Kinder & Deedee Wills. I was too lazy to make my own, but you can't go wrong with these girls!!


Sarah said...

ugh...don't you just hate spam comments like the one above!? I get those alot. Anyway, what cuties you have! They look like they had a lot of fun! :)


Jen Elliott said...

Yes! I hate those stupid spam comments! I don't need my penis enlarged, free iPads, or knock off purses! I just deleted that junk!!

Thanks for stopping by Sarah!! :)

traci527 said...

Jen, I love the sight word center sheet. Would you be able to share it? Thanks! Traci

traci527 said...

I found it! I am glad I saw the labeling sheet. I put out my easter cards, but forgot to put the easter papers! Duh! This easter in March is throwing me off!

Deedee Wills said...

Thank you Jen!!! Our 3 day week... turned into a 2 day week! Goodness!

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