Saturday, January 26, 2013

Whatcha Teachin'?

I was wondering what everyone is teaching this week for science. I am sick of done with teaching about winter & winter animals... 

I just don't know what I want to teach this week...
Any good ideas??

While we're on the subject, I was wondering if you integrate science into other areas or if you have a time in your schedule that is dedicated to teaching science (& social studies). At my school we have block scheduling & we have a specific block of time that is set aside to teach either science or social studies. I usually rotate between the two on a weekly basis. I was just curious how other schools get it all in! :)

By the way... Here is the answer to many of your emails! Yes, I have the March math journals ready for the pic to take you to them! Thank you for liking them so much!!!
 I had no idea that I would get such a HUGE response to these! 
They are all aligned to the common core~ sorry, no patterns...if it's not in the CCSS we are not allowed to teach it at my school. 
Enjoy!! :)

I would LOVE for you to pin them for me! <3

Have a great weekend!!


Kindergarten Myles said...

We are a PYP candidate school so although our county has a Science/Social Studies curriculum and says its 30minutes of our schedule, our school integrates it with writing & reading so for 6 weeks we are working towards a central idea that is either Science or Social Studies. This unit our central idea is on communities (basically economics, workers, good, services and maps). I would love to be teaching winter animals. I miss the seasonal/holiday items that you'd spend just a few days on for mini-units. Because in Kinder, we have our own "grading" we still have to throw in stand alones to get Science tuaght and assessed during Social Studies units.

Sara said...

I just discovered your math journals and I LOVE them! They are all in my cart on tpt. I was just wondering, do they start with November or is Sep. and Oct. available too??? They look great! THANK YOU! I teach half day pre-k at a church preschool so I get to teach whatever I want and do incorporate lots of science. My students are all age appropriate for k but their parents decided to wait a year (usually because they just make the age cut off and would be very young k). Because they are all 5 we do lots of k standards, but I get to teach all the fun stuff too! :) Thank you!

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