Sunday, January 13, 2013

MLK Week!

Hi Friends!
I know that, like me,  many of you will be teaching about Martin Luther King, Jr this week. So.....
Yesterday I made a little MLK packet that you can use with your own teaching of Martin Luther King, Jr.
It has 5 activities that are just "print & go".
Let me just say that they are not meant to teach about MLK, they are just MLK themed.
Celebrate MLK Day!! (a supplemental packet)
Click the pic to see it in my TpT store

Best of all, it's only $1!!
Go check it out & let me know what you think!! There are pictures of some of the pages in the thumbnails.

**Please pin it for me!! :)**

I really want to do some type of craft with my kiddos for MLK, but I can't find something cute & simple. Any suggestions?? Links??

**Leave a comment about what creative things you are doing for MLK with your email if you want to win a copy!!**


christine said...

These are great! I was looking for something like this!

Laura said...

We read Todd Parr's Peace Book and make a class book. I feel like talking about peace and helping everyone be kind to one another is a great K level interpretation of MLK (we read MLK books, too).

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

We watch a uTube video about his life (cartoon type) and read books =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Kelsey said...

Well this is my first year teaching, but I am planning on watching a video with them, reading and coloring a book together that I found through a blog. I also wanted to do a little craft and found one involving the kiddos making a cloud and writing about/drawing a picture to represent their dreams.

Looking forward to seeing how it all works out. This packet would be so useful and fun for my kiddos! Thanks!!

Danielle said...

Hey Jen, I just posted about MLK day in my room. We make a handprint wreath you can see here:

Carolina Teacher

ronnie said...

We act out events in history that show mistreatment and then make a circle map of our favorite games/activities. We pretend what would happen if they couldn't play them with their friends.

k5rocks said...

*I buy eggs from the lady in town that raises the "Easter chickens"- you know the ones that are pink, yellow, green and purple and lay eggs that are that same color--- and we add brown and white eggs to the mix and talk about how they are all different, but on the inside, are all exactly the same! Just like us! And then we sing 'Jesus Loves the Little Children'!
*We also do the activity where I pass out candy to only the girls (without any explanation), and then just wait.... the dicussions are AMAZING!
*We make a mural for the wall- each child adds what he/she that every child is represented by something that he/she likes. The pictures always turn out beautiful! Then we talk about how each of us brings something different and wonderful to the picture!

Love, love, love your site! Thanks for the opportunity to win!


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