Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Magical Product Swap!!!

Hello Friends!!
I am so excited about this post! I just LOVE the Magical Product Swap!!

This time I had a most awesome swap partner!! Her name is Angela & she has a TERRIFIC blog called
The Daily Alphabet

Ya'll, she makes some SERIOUSLY super stuff!! If you don't follow her blog...go there & check it out!

Wait~ don't go this post first! :)

The product that I was so lucky to get to review was her
A Winter Wonderland: Literacy and Math Activities

I kid you not when I tell you that this unit is LOADED with perfect winter themed math & literacy activities! I am not kidding when I tell you that EVERYTHING in this unit is GREAT for kindergarten! I tested each activity & my students really had a great time with all of them! There is not 1 thing in this unit that I would not use in my classroom!! 

Here are some pics of the awesomeness...

These are some of the literacy center activities:

This is one of my faves. It is a beginning sounds sort for the letters in Winter. There are tons of pictures for the kiddos to sort! After they sort, they choose their favorite picture from each letter & draw a picture on the recording sheet.

 This is a syllable sorting center. Again, there are lots of different pictures for the kids to use so they get lots of good practice! After everything is sorted they choose some of the pictures & try to write the words on the recording sheet.

 I LOVE this one! The graphics are so cute & there are soooo many ways that this center can be used & differentiated. Some of the ways are...upper/lower matching, upper to picture, lower to picture, use all the cards, use targeted letters, etc.... very versatile!!
In this center they stretch out the word card & then find the matching picture card. There are a BUNCH of these! There are CVC words & CVCC words for them to work with. After sorting, they will write the words on the recording sheet.

Winter Roll A Sound...who doesn't love "rolling" centers?!? Here they have to roll the cube, determine the beginning sound & record it on the sheet. Great beginning sound & handwriting! about some math???

Here the kids will choose a card from the stack, they will spin the spinner & either add or subtract one from the number on the card. Then, they will write that number on the train & record the numbers before & after that number. LOTS of skills are getting touched in this center!!

 In this center they choose a candy strip & they have to figure out which tens frame is missing from the middle. After they have matched all the tens frames to the strips, they record some of their findings. Very cute center!!

Yay!! Another "Rolling" center! There are 2 different levels of this center so that you can differentiate for your students! My students love to use these cutie-patootie cubes that are included with this unit!!

Angela also included these great sheets! They go all the way up to 20 & I have been using them for morning work and homework. My kids have been doing great with them!!

But, wait...that's not all!! She has also included centers for Real & Nonsense words & an addition/subtraction kids weren't ready for these, so I don't have the pics for them yet! you wanna win it????

I knew you would!

Pop over to Angela's blog & enter to win this AWESOMENESS!! 
You can also see the product that she reviewed from me... AND you can WIN it too!!!!! 

Double Whammy!!

Go there...check it out!!!


Angela said...

Hey Jen!! Thanks for reviewing my product, I'm so glad that you liked it!! I loved yours also, and I'm so glad that I found you!!! Let's keep in touch!!!

The Daily Alphabet

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