Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Little of This & A Little of That

Hi everybody!!
I'm sorry for the lack of posts this week, but the winter ick has found its way to my house. I had a sick teenager & a sick toddler...yuck!
Now, I think that everyone is back on the mend...knock on wood!
This post will be a little on the random side, so I hope that you can hang with it! :)

Here are some cute little winter activities that my kidlettes made to spruce up the room. We were kinda bare from taking down all the Christmas & holiday stuff!
We read all about snowflakes & I showed them how to fold the paper & cut shapes to make their own. We talked about the differences that we found in each other's flakes. You can't tell, but we added a little glitter so that they would be sparkly! We LOVE glitter!!

Then, we made mittens & wrote about them. This one says:
My mitten is red.
My mitten has stars.
My mitten is big.
They did such a cute job on these!! 

 Here's a pic of some of our mittens. They love to read these for Read the Room.
We also painted & wrote about snowmen. This one says:
My snowman has a scarf.
My snowman has a carrot nose.

I am really pleased with the growth that magically happened to my kidlettes over the break ~we were out for 3 weeks!

Ok~ Here are a couple of cute MLK Day writings that they did. I was so pleased with how they turned out.

AND...HOLD THE PHONE... LOOK what I found this weekend!!
Valentine Scentos!!
You know how I love them!!

BUT WAIT>>> check this out!!
They make BINGO dotters now!! 
I am so excited to let my kidlettes use them with a roll & dot math activity! 
How much fun are these little cuties!?!?

 Well, looky here...a cute little roll & dot math activity!
Just click the pic to grab one of your very own!! 

Ok, I hope that you were able to hang with me through this mashed up post! 
Have a great Sunday night!!
 I hope that you have tomorrow off! 

Oh yeah, my TPT store is on sale in honor of the Martin Luther King, Jr holiday!! 
Sale ends Monday at midnight!!


Erin said...

I found those Scentos treasures this weekend as well. I was beyond excited. Did you see that they have dry erase markers as well? I was like a little kid when I found them. :)

Thanks for sharing the penguin freebie. Printed that up right away.

It's "OWL" Good in Kindergarten

Jen Elliott said...

Noooooo!! I did not see the dry erase markers! I am totally going back!! :)

Mary McGough said...

They also have dry erase markers,paint,erasers and pens. LOVE them

finley said...

I saw Scentos bubbles at Michaels!!!!

Amy Swan said... have I not seen the valentine scentos markers!?!? My kids go NUTS over those things!!

Happy Teacher Heaven

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