Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Fun!

My class is really loving learning about winter. I just love teaching with a theme. I think that the students have genuine learning experiences that enhance the concepts that I am trying so hard to teach them. One of my favorite activities is interactive writing. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time working this in on a daily basis. I did manage to get it in during my teaching of winter clothes. We worked on this writing as a class, and when it was finished we made paperdoll kids & dressed them in winter clothes. The students really LOVE this activity! I am able to talk about so many different teaching points with writing...spacing, capital I, letter sounds, periods, formation, sight words, one to one correspondence, etc....It really is an activity that has a huge impact on their learning!

I read the students Jan Brett's version of The Mitten  and then we decided to do a mitten glyph for math. Here is a picture of the glyph's directions.
Here is a picture of the finished mittens:

This was another activity that the students really had a good time with. They were comparing their mittens and having rich conversations about the similarities and differences between their mittens and their friend's mittens. It is always great to see them so engaged in an activity!


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