Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Winter Fun!

Check out the snowy sight words...
There's nothing better (or easier) than shaving cream on a table for working on sight words!

After all the shaving cream fun ~ we shifted to Hot Chocolate Math. First, we made the two mugs with hot chocolate inside. Next, we rolled a die to see how many marshmallows to put in the 1st mug. After we glued them in, we rolled to see how many to put into the 2nd mug. When we had everything glued down, we wrote the number sentence at the bottom of the paper. The best part was getting to eat the leftover marshmallows! :)


I love doing these hands on activities! I know that these types of lessons have much more meaning to them. I try to incorporate them as much as possible, but they usually require a lot of prep work or for me to buy supplies and, unfortunately, I don't have much extra time to prep, and I have very little $$ to buy the supplies!


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