Saturday, September 21, 2013

Magnet Fun!

What's more fun than learning about magnetism?
We had a blast with our magnet unit. In our district we get a science kit for each standard so we automatically have all of the lessons & supplies needed to teach the standards...nice, right?
It makes it easy peasy prep for me.
Anyhow~ we did all sorts of stuff with magnets, but our absolute FAVORITE was making them float on our pencils! 

They had to figure out how to make them attract, repel, & float...they did a great job!

Then we got to the challenge experiment &, well, that was enough magnetism for this teacher! :)

The challenge experiment was to make the magnets pop off of the pencil...and then it got crazy! I had magnets flying all over the place, sticking to desk legs, scissor blades, etc... END. OF. LESSON!
First grade science is pretty fun though!! 

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