Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finally...Literacy Centers!!

So, last time I told you that I just started with literacy centers in my classroom. 
I only have about 15-20 minutes for center time...really quick center time!
Here are some VERY simple centers that I have started with so that I can establish expectations & procedures.
FIRST CENTER: Here my students had to build ALL the word wall words with magnet letters first. After building, they ALL had to write the words under each one. They LOVED this one more than I thought they would! There's just something about writing on the teacher's big white board!

SECOND CENTER:  This is a simple writing center where they write the story to go along with the picture prompt.
(The kids was paying to to much. The boys stopped playing. The boys was looking at her because she made a goal.)

THIRD CENTER:  Anytime I can break out the magnifying glasses is a great time! This was a freebie from A Differentiated Kindergarten. The words are hidden on the bus & they are tiny

FOURTH CENTER:  My other group was on the computer listening to books on BookFlix or Tumble Books.

Right now I am only running 4 centers with 5 students in a center. As I teach more centers & the procedures for them, I will have more groups so that I can have fewer per group. I will add a guided reading group & a guided writing group to the mix.

I hope everyone has a SUPER weekend!! :)

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Genia said...

These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

sandyj559 said...

Wow! A lot of my kiddos are just learning to write their names at this point. Great ideas for later in the year.

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

These are great activities!!! Thanks for sharing.


Lenore said...

Your students definitely come in prepared. I can't have my students do the centers yours are doing until much later in the year.

Jen Elliott said...

Remember, I looped with my kinders & we are now in first grade! :) haha! I wish the kinders came in ready to do centers like these!

Lenore said...

Whew! I thought we were sooo lagging here.

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