Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Super "e"

I know that many of you have just started back to school & this post will seem a little premature...but I have been in school for 6 weeks & we are ready to go! :)
This week I am teaching about the super e. 
So, here is how I introduced the lesson during our word study block...
I started with this super e video that my kiddos LOVED!

I then showed them some examples of words that change by adding a super e.
After that, it was up to them...
I gave them a strip of pictures, they cut them apart, glued them into their word study notebooks, and wrote the words being sure to add the super e!
Here is what the journals looked like...

Every kid got slightly different words so that they had to really stretch the words & spell them without being a cheatey Petey. :)
They did such a great job!! 

What's even better is that I saw them trying out the skill during writer's workshop & they were so happy that they knew this super e trick! 

If you want a copy of the pictures that I used for the activity you can find it on my Facebook page under the freebie tab! 

Yay!! Have a super hump day tomorrow!!


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