Monday, August 12, 2013

Back To School Math Fun!

 Hello Everyone!!
I have been REALLY behind on posting so I am trying to get all caught up! 
Here is a little glimpse at the math centers that I used last week.

This subtraction center has them matching up the picture cards to the equation cards. After all the matches are made they have to record the info on the recording sheet & figure out the answer.

 Here they are filling in the missing number in the sequence. The missing number can be at the beginning, middle, or end. This one was more challenging than I thought it would be but they did it!

  This was a favorite...they thought they were so fancy because they know how to count on from 10! After they filled in the values for each card, they had to color the item that was the greatest. 

They were REALLY good at this one! They had to fill in the numbers for each school supply & then record the result.

If you like what you see, you can get these & a couple of more centers in this little packet! (click the pic)
You can rest assured that all the centers have been tested in  my first grade class & they were all awesome!! 
I wouldn't put anything out there that I hadn't field tested first! :)

Have a marvelous Monday!! 


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