Sunday, May 26, 2013

Looping anyone? Needing advice...

My cuties have the summer time sillies now that the year is ALMOST over (9 more)!
 My assistant & I are in the battle to keep things at a low roar. :) 
That means LOTS of craftivities to keep those little hands & mouths busy. 
I busted out the water color paints so they could paint their jellyfish & you could've seriously heard a pin drop in the room! to our ears!
Battle #1
Teachers- 1
Students- 0

In other news... my principal has said that she is "pretty sure" that I will be looping next year. I won't know for sure until the last day of school. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I LOVE this class & think that it would be AWESOME to take them to 1st grade. But, I LOVE teaching kindergarten & I don't think that she would put me back in K the following year. She doesn't typically move people year after year.
What do you think?
Has anyone ever looped before?
Give me the good, bad, & the ugly...


Laura said...

I looped up to first with a group a few years back. I really enjoyed it. The kids were great, I already knew them well. It was really hard to let go of them after two years. Unfortunately, getting back to Kindergarten did take another year for me. Our numbers fluctuate each year so we don't always have the same number of teachers in each grade level. I'm back now and I hope to stay for a few more years before I go back up again!

Krogers Kindergarten said...

I've never looped, but I AM moving to 1st next year. Partly excited, partly sad, partly terrified haha :)

She (Sprinkle Teaching Magic) said...

I have never looped but have a dear teacher friend that has looped her class for three years! They will be leaving her next year and coming to my fifth grade class. She LOVES looping. Her students know her systems backwards and forwards and she can jump in to curriculum first thing. Each year she changes up her behavior plans and classroom management techniques so it doesn't get old for the kids. The bond she has made with her students and families is priceless! I think you will adore first grade!

Keep us posted.

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Jen Elliott said...

I am very nervous & excited about the idea of going with them to first! Thank you for all of the great comments! I think that we all need to switch things up from time to time, and I guess this is my time! :)

Esmer said...

I looped up last year with my kinder class. It was great not to have to learn new curriculum and have to teach new students how my classroom ran. I did have some new students and my previous students just kind of stepped in and helped out when it came to training them my classroom procedures. My problems came at the end of the year, with all the excitment of the end of the year activties kids get rowdy and because my kids have been together so long, they were pretty much comfortable with everyone else in the classroom no matter where I moved them. My best advice: have a strong classroom management plan. I really loved looping this year.

Beach Teacher said...

I looped from 2nd to 3rd many years ago and loved the experience! There is a school in my district where all teachers loop 1-2. Since I only had a few new students in my class, we had a brief refresher (I had to switch rooms so I changed a few things), but got right to learning! It was great because the kids knew what I expected and so did the parents:) I would love to do it again!

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