Monday, February 6, 2012

Lots of Learning Going On

My students are "loving" their work stations this week...hee hee! Here is a peek at what we are doing...
Math Stations:

Heart counting~ they count the colored hearts & write how many there are.

Measuring with hearts

Measuring with hearts & recording the number.

Making shapes with clay & toothpicks. They make 3D & 2D shapes.

Here are some of the 2D shapes we have been working on.

In this center they arrange the hearts from smallest to largest.

This is a favorite...they pick a domino, draw the domino, write a # sentence, & draw the picture to tell the story of the # sentence. This is a great station!
Literacy Stations:
This is an -at & -og family sort.

We are learning the /tr/ blend this week. They cut out the words that begin with tr & paste them in the boxes.

"Valentine" write the room

This is a high frequency word stamping center. The kids love this one.
I forgot to take a picture of the writing center, but the kids really loved the new things that were there. I got some stuff from TPT from Ms. Wills. She has great writing center stuff that is all made & ready to go!
Tomorrow is our 100th day so I will post all the fun learning things that I have planned for tomorrow!


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