Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As promised...

Here are the math centers that we are working on this week:

In this center they sort the addition & subtraction facts into the barn with the correct # on it. The tiles are there for them to use if they need manipulatives to solve the fact. This has been a tough center for my kids this week.

Here they have to put the farmer with the correct tractor. They look at the # sequence on the tractor & find the farmer with the missing number.

This is spin a farm animal. This center is driving me crazy this week because the kids won't stop spinning until they get the entire graph filled up. They are supposed to stop when one animal gets to the top & then they are supposed to solve some addition problems using the graph, but my kids want the whole graph filled for some reason...go figure!

In the animal round up center they work in pairs to fill their barn with the animals. They take turns rolling 2 dice & adding them together. Then, they put the animal on top of the number on their barns. The first one to fill up the barn wins. This has been a great center so far. :)

I am very pleased at how well they are doing with this number sequencing center. They get 3 animals that are alike, put them in order from least to greatest, & then record their answers on the corresponding sheet.

These centers come from Ms. Jump & Ms. Oakes. I love their stuff! 


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