Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Farm Time Ya'll!

It is farm time in kindergarten! Here is a peek at my literacy stations. I will post my math centers tomorrow...I forgot to take the pictures of them! Oops!
Pocket Chart Station has mixed up sentences that the kids have to unscramble. I was going to have them write them down, but it takes them the whole time to get them unscrambled.

In this station they sort the pictures according to the number of syllables. After they finish the sort there is a complimentary sheet that they record their work on. We have done this MANY times, so my kids are really good at this skill!

This station has farm cards in it & the kids type the words onto the alphasmart. They LOVE this one. I don't get the alphasmarts out very often.

In this phonics work station the kids match up the rhyming words. We are having a lot of trouble rhyming, so I am trying to give them tons of practice.

Write the Room station- they search the room for the pictures that are on their board. When they find the word they write it next to the corresponding picture on their board.

Making words station- they unscramble the names of the farm animals & then record then next to the picture of the animal. I love this one! I am always surprised at how well they do here!
That's it so far...we are making the greatest farm animal book that I got from Mrs. Jump's blog. I will post the pictures of them when we get it finished. The stations above came from Ms. Oakes, Ms. Kilburn & Over the Moonbow. Check them out on TPT! They are some of my favorites! :)


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