Sunday, May 3, 2015

Final Countdown: C Day & D Day

Hello friends!
I'm catching up with my ABC final countdown!
For C Day we made Compliment Cards. They had so much fun with this & I was really proud of how sweet they could actually be! 
Here are a few of the pics...
This one is so stinkin' cute!! (Sorry for the blur)
"Happy Birthday LB. You are 20 years old. You're grown up to be a grown man. You have made me the happiest little sister ever." 
 Such creativity! :)
 "You have made me so happy that I am making you a gift card. And now I made you mad so do you forgive me."   A little apology & a "gift card" can do a lot for a friendship! <3
 A sweet drawing  for a sweet friend! 
 "You are my best friend. You play with me everyday. Sometimes you can be rough. Can you play with me today?" Hahaha! I just loved this one! 
Dear Mrs. Elliott,
You are a nice teacher because you let me & Hailey clean the room with you & I made you this card.
Too funny!! I won't let just anyone clean the room!! 
These girls are experts!! :)

Then we had D Day!!
Image result for box of sprinkled doughnutsWho wouldn't want to have doughnuts for snack time?!?


Tomorrow is E Day! 
Stay tuned for the excitement that will ensue! 

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