Monday, March 16, 2015

Reading Got Ya Down?

Hello Friends!

I don't know about your classes, but usually around this time of year it's hard to keep that reading engagement up!

SPRING FEVER has hit!!

So, how do I put a little spark back into reading time? 

I find books that are high interest for my kiddos & I write a special little note to them about the book.

Nothing too major, but this is a hit!!

 Here are some of my secrets to build that reading excitement:

  1. Have the books on their desks as soon as they come to class in the morning.

 2. Only do about 5 or 6 students at a time...this builds anticipation for all students!

3. Make sure that the book is something that you know the kiddo really likes! I try to make it a book that they have never seen before! 

I like to keep it completely random...they never know when they will have a book & note on their desk. Also, just because a student got a book today does not necessarily mean that they won't get another book the next day. 
That way the anticipation is always kiddos cannot wait to get into class & see if they got a special book & note from me. 
The are so excited to stop everything & read the book that I chose especially for them!
You  MUST be sure that everyone gets a book & note though...I made that innocent mistake once & about crushed those tender spirits! 
Be very careful that you keep some type of list to be sure not to miss a kiddo!

Go ahead..try it!
Let me know how it goes!! 


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