Friday, August 1, 2014

Pictures & More Pictures!

Hello Friends!!
As promised, here are the pictures from my classroom.
WARNING: this post has LOTS of pictures!
I was going to arrange the pictures into some sort of order, but I am just too doggone tired from my first full week back! So, you'll just have to pardon my laziness! 
I decided to go with a rainbow chevron theme to bring a little happy to my room! 
I hope you like it!! :)

Off we go...

Here is the one lone window in my classroom. I am digging my chevron curtain & the dancing flowers on the sill. I do love the view!

This is the student cubbies & their mailboxes. I label the mailboxes, desks, & cubbies with sharpie because I HATE using those adorable little nameplates that start to look yucky after the 1st week of school.

 This is my leveled library & reading bulletin board. My anchor charts will be displayed here as we make them. I am loving the black bulletin boards! It really makes my colors pop!
 This is my counter/sink area. Again, I triple heart LOVE the chevron curtains that help to hide the stuff on my otherwise open shelves. 
 This is my math manipulative cart. It is loaded down with every kind of manipulative you can think of! 
 This is my easel/ read aloud area...ignore the little red stool, it's not supposed to be there! 
 We don't do calendar at my school, but I still have to have one just to keep myself on track! It also helps when we make our monthly timeline because I put up holidays, birthdays, special days, etc.  The table under it is my time out table. They go here when they get a time out & write a note about what they did & how they are going to do better. The grey cart to the right holds all the laptops for my class. The chart on the wall is our school-wide pledge. The green writing on the board is my "I can..." statements.
 Here is my job chart. I just love it! Simple & easy!
 This is where the magic happens! My small group desk for me! Getting rid of that big clunker was the best thing I ever did! The red balls you see behind the table are brought out for my friends that have a case of the squirmies! 
 My math bulletin board & number line... studies
 This is the cutest little welcome banner and the picture turned out all
 This is the view from my table...digging all the colors! 
 This is the view from the window...

 From the door....LOVING my paper fans!! :)
 From the door looking to the right.
 Daily schedule...again, simple & easy! 
 This is looking at the front of the room...
 Word wall & some table groups.
 Looking across the room from the word wall.
 From the front of the room...ignore the finger
 Another shot from the door.
 Back corner...
 I love the pennant banner above my promethean board. It adds so much color! 
 This is my door & a little close up of the nametags.
So, that's it!! I hope that you have enjoyed the show! 


Lori Rosenberg said...

Totally enjoyed your beautiful pictures! Have a great school year!

barbkibler said...

Beautiful! Have a great year!

Mrs. Wathen said...

Your room looks fabulous! Your kinders are going to LOVE it:)

The Resourceful Apple

Rose said...

Your room looks great. I love the bright colors.

Aline said...

I love your organized classroom! What are those bags hanging off of the desks?


Sandy Dailey said...

How did you get the children's names on the desk?

We Teach Like A Rockstar said...

Love it all! Enjoy your year!

Cupcake said...

So bright and cheery! :)
A Cupcake for the Teacher

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