Wednesday, July 31, 2013


What's gonna work?
Can you hear the Wonderpets Theme in your head? I know that the parents of littles know that tune!

One of my goals this year is to get my kids working in teams without me delegating the duties. 
They have to figure out how to cooperate, work together, & solve the problem.
I gave the teams a mixed up sentence. They had to cut it, order it, punctuate it, & illustrate it in their teams.
The only direction that I gave was that EACH member had to participate until the project was completed. 

They LOVED it! Each group figured out their sentence (I gave some pretty tough ones) & they punctuated & illustrated. 
I heard some really great discussions about why they were doing things the way they were doing them & they all GOT ALONG! That was the kicker...nobody did any bickering...they were all kind to one another!! Whew!! 
Score one for Mrs. E!!
Anyway~ just thought I'd share that for any of you that are thinking of learning teams! 
Hope it was helpful!!
Happy Hump Day!!


Sara said...

LOVE it! So simple, but sooooo powerful!! Thanks for sharing! Have a great Thursday!

Kathy Hernandez said...

This is so awesome to read! We incorporate the PBL--Project Base Learning-- teaching model at our school. We focus on 5 soft skills as they work on projects throughout the year. The 5 soft skills are Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Professional Ethics.

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