Monday, July 1, 2013

Cranking It Out!! & a SURPRISE?!?

 Happy Summer to everyone!

I cannot believe that I go back to school 2 WEEKS from TODAY!!


As many of you know, I am looping this year with my class to 1st grade!

 I am very excited about it & I have been making lots of stuff to use when I get there.

I made this literacy pack to start us off with. I am thinking that I am lucky to know the skill levels of my kiddos & where I left off with them. I know they will have a little bit of the summer slide, but I'm hoping that they at least remember my routines.

You can click the pics to take you to the products! 
This is the math pack that compliments the literacy pack. I am thinking that this one will work kiddos were awesome mathematicians in K. 

I am SUPER-DOG-DUPER excited about using these writing journals with my first graders! 
I use them with kinders at the end of the year once they are pretty good, I am thinking that these will be so fun to use with my first graders right from the get go!!
I have had TONS of requests for these!! 
I am almost finished with them & will be posting them soon!
This set will be for KINDERGARTEN.

I am also working on making FIRST GRADE math journals!
My kids loved them so much last year that I want to keep them going this year!! 

Make sure that you are following my FaceBook Page...let's just say that there may be something really awesome happening really soon...
That is all I am sayin'!!!


Sarah said...

ooo! Yay! Sounds exciting! You are making a ton of stuff...but it all looks so cute :)


Danielle said...

Very mysterious...can't wait to hear about it!

Carolina Teacher

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