Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little Help Please...

I am doing my best to juice up my Facebook page & in doing so I added a couple of new tabs.
I added the FREEBIE tab that so many people already have (I know, I'm always late to the party) & I also added a Pinterest tab.
I THINK that I linked up the freebie the right way. It just links to a little All About Me Page. 
Can someone go & check out the page to see if both of the links take you to where they are supposed to???

In other news...I am doing this today...

I am taking my crazy teens with me & my 3 year old...should be interesting! Gotta love FREE summer bowling! 
Here's hoping I don't break a hip! Haha..I'm not that old, am I??


Sarah said...

yep...everything looks good on FB! :) Have fun at bowling!



Looks good

Crystal Shepherd
Lamppost in a STEM classroom

Karyn said...

It looks great! I hope you had fun bowling! :o)

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