Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately!

I am trying to get some summer vacation in since I only have a 

AND~ I am trying to wrap my head around teaching first grade next year & I am a little OVERWHELMED!!

Anywho, last year (late in the year) I started having my kinders work with writing journals. I made these little writing journals & wrote about them in this post. I did like to use them with my kinders, but I don't think that I could've used them until later in the year when they are able to read independently. 
Soooo, it dawned on me that they would be perfect for first graders that are able to read simple sentences. 
I made a set for August & will make sets for each month. They are in the same format as my math journals because that really works well for my kiddos! 
Anyway~ Here they are...
Click the pic to see them in my store. I am putting them on sale for $1.50 until Friday or until I remember that they are on sale & I put them back at their regular price! :)

All of the prompts are August themed and, as you can see, are short & pretty easy to read. 
Let me know what you think...
Would these be good for first graders??

I'm gonna give some away today.
Check my FB page to get yours...
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