Thursday, December 6, 2012

Math Fun...

I just wanted to upload a few pics of my math centers this week. I have been so bad about posting pics from my classroom this year. Maybe that should be my New Year's Resolution! :)
Here's a little Christmas lights sort, graph, & tally activity. This was the first time that my kids had to tally independently & they did pretty good! They love this center & the added plus is that I let them use markers! It's amazing how little things like that can put the excitement in a center! Ha!

This picture uploaded a little wonky...
They had to cut out the candy canes & put them in order from 11 to 20. Then we turned them into a super cool hat!

This is a count & color center. They had to pick a candy cane card, count the candy canes & color the part of Santa that had the number. Each card was a different color.

My kids LOVE to paint & the added bonus is that they are actually pretty good at it this year! I love kinder paintings!! <3

Another wonky pic upload...
This is a sorting by size center. I wish I had taken the pic after it was colored. They turned out pretty cute!
No, this is not math...don't really know how this got in my upload, but it is a pretty cute interactive writing. I think my next mini-lesson will be on writing with mostly lowercase letters!
Ok, that's it for me! Welcome to all my new followers! I am so excited that my little blog is growing. I love the blogging world!
Have a great night!!


More than Math by Mo said...

Thanks for sharing your classroom activities. I too need to do a better job of posting pictures from activities that go on in my classroom. anyway.....just wanted to say thanks for the post. It sparked a few ideas for me.

Rikki said...

I agree, I need to be better about posting pictures too. I was going to take pictures today and then realized I left my camera at home. Fun classroom ideas!
The Hive

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