Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Envelope Please....

Here are the winners for the Alphabet Activities Giveaway!
Awesome Alphabet Activities! 
Woo hoo!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to all of you & thank you for joining the giveaway! I hope you enjoy this packet!


Ms. Patterson said...

Yay I won

Thanks! The pack looks great

Pocket Full of Kinders

Shuna P

Heidi said...

I won too YAY!!!!

I can't wait to take a look at it when I get home :)

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Lisa R. said...

I just gave you The Versatile Blogger Award! Come & stop by my blog to get it!! :)

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Jessica Stanford said...

I'm so sorry. I was responding to your comments on my blog by emailing you through the notification that was sent to me from blogger about the comment. After further look I realized you didn't have your blog set up for that. I'm attaching a link to help you fix that, if you want of course, because a lot of people might be thinking that they are emailing you and they aren't. It's pretty easy to fix :)

Hank hendricks said...

Do you have some Gift Card envelopes to share?

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