Sunday, September 6, 2015

Let's Talk Math

Hello bloggy friends!! 
Today I am talking math with ya! 
At my school the name of the game is NO WORKSHEETS! And, yes, recording sheets are considered work sheets! I don't even try to's not worth it! 
Really though it's not all that bad. I rarely used sheets in math anyway so there weren't many tears shed on this one! 
So, you ask...what DO you do for math centers??

Here are a few of my math centers (please ignore the fact that some are winter...I've been a slacker taking pics this year. You'll still get the idea...)
Let me start by saying that I do the SAME centers over & over...gasp!! 

No, really...I just change the difficulty, theme, standard, whatever to keep the centers feeling like they are fresh and new. This is a huge WIN for me because I never have to reteach how to do a center after they have learned the game. I do 4/5 centers a week & the kiddos know how to play 10 different centers. This is how I can keep things feeling new but the kiddos know how to play them! 
 This is a roll & ___ game. It may be roll & add 1, add 10, take away 1, take away 2...the list goes on. BUT, because they already know the premise of the game I can change it to whatever I see that they need & they automatically know how to play it.(I think that this game was actually a "Mittens PLUS 10" game...can you say typo?)
 I am a huge fan of getting the kiddos moving so I usually have a "____ the Room" center. It may be add the room, count the room, subtract the room, solve the room....again, the possibilities are endless. I can change it to whatever my kiddos need. Below you can see a "Measure the Room" center. I teach them how to record their work in their math journals so NO WORKSHEETS! Win!!

How easy is it to throw out some 10 frames, manips, & flash cards? Again, the possibilities...

Holy cow...domino centers can last forever! This time I had them doing commutative property of addition. You can do addition, subtraction, +10, -10, +1, -1, ...I could go on & on & on.... ha! Go to the dollar store & grab some cheapie dominoes & you will be set! 

Well, I hope that you found some of this to be helpful!
If you hung on this long I have a cutie freebie for ya! 
It one of my Roll & Add games with the apple theme. So fun for the fall! There are 2 versions so you can differentiate. 
PLEASE leave some comment love if you snag it! 


Debbie Eccles said...

I wish our school would go worksheet free. I love giving the kids hands-on activities for math and think they gain a much deeper understanding. Unfortunately, my school is required to do the Envisions program worksheets.

J-Fed said...

thanks for making it look easier than it seems!

Lisa Tanturri said...

Wonderful Ideas!

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N Rana said...

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