Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Post Fall Break Fun...

Well, we were out of school for 17 straight days & today we hit the ground running as if we hadn't missed a day! I immediately got the kiddos back into the routine & reinforced ALL the rules & procedures. We rocked all day long & things were just as they were when we left! 
You just never know what craziness you will have after a break, but my cuties were very tame! 
Here are a few of the activities that we jumped right into today...

Math Centers:
Sorting number sentences according to whether they are true or not.

Identifying the number & recording it on the web.

Filling in the missing numbers in the equations.

Finding the number that is one more & one less.

Here are some of my literacy activities:

We did this one during word study time. They had to match pictures that had the same ending sounds. It was tricky for them at the beginning because they REALLY want to match up beginning or vowel sounds. This took them a minute to get their brains revved up & thinking about the last sound they hear.

This is a real & nonsense words sort. We only started doing Dibels this year so this has been a new experience for ALL of us. So this was their first time doing a center with nonsense words & they thought they were hilarious. 

That's it...
If you hung in there with me to the end you can grab this little freebie! :)



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