Sunday, November 4, 2012

Turkey Time & Some Pinteresting Stuff!

I am absolutely blown away that Thanksgiving & Christmas are speeding towards me!
Can someone please slam on the brakes!!?!
I don't know why this year is flying by so's probably because I have a really good class & things have been rolling pretty smoothly! Now that I have said that, I will probably get some new wackadoodles kids in my class to upset the balance!
Anyway...I found some cute stuff on Pinterest...
Pinned Image
Such a cute Veteran's Day activity! This looks like a Deanna Jump creation.
Cornucopia Snack Mix
How simple are these cuties?!
Love this idea! They can write what they are thankful for on the feathers.
Ok, that's it for now!
Here is my newest math unit. It is packed with counting and number activities plus a few other goodies. There is a little sorting freebie in the preview for you! It is on sale for a limited time...that just means until I remember to go back & change the price!
Have a great Sunday!
I am hoping that the PANTHERS can win a game for a change!!


Heather said...

Looks great and thanks for the freebie!!

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lorena said...

Thanks for the sale! :)

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