Friday, May 6, 2011

May Flowers

Spring is such a fun time of year! It just such a good opportunity to teach so many fun themes and topics. While learning about bees, plants, and flowers, we decided to make a word garden. We talked about the parts of the flower & the importance of bees to the flower. Our garden grows flowers that have words on their petals!  Check out what a great job the kids did...I will definitely do this again next year!
close up of the bees & flowers

the students made the letters

another close up of a bee & flower

the finished product :)

This was such a fun project. The students picked the words that were on their petals. The only requirement was that they had to be spelled exactly right & they had to be able to read them to me before they were allowed to attach them to their stems. Otherwise, they would just copy words in the room & the words would really have no meaning to them. Several times a day I catch the students going over to the word garden & trying to read the words that their friends have on their flowers. They have also used the word garden as a resource during writer's workshop time. I have been pleasantly surprised at how useful this beautiful display has been to them.


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